How to Find the Right Resume Writer – Ask #HR Bartender

A properly prepared resume can be a great benefit in the cut throat world of job-hunting and if you aren’t sure whether or not your resume is up to par you may want to consider getting it professionally written for you. However, when doing this it vital that you do your research to find the right resume writer. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential resume writer if they have any examples for you to consider. Examples may include copies of resumes they’ve written or testimonials from other clients. Also, make sure that they gather all relevant information to put in your resume, things like your job duties, important accomplishments, strengths as an employee and potential career goals. If you properly vet your resume writer, you should end up with an excellent finish product and hopefully, a job.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1A topnotch resume writer, seeking $1000+, should be offering a bundled resume, cover letter and LinkedIn optimization package.
  • 2An entry level resume can be reasonably had for as little as $150.
  • 3An accomplished resume writer will want to know about your job duties, your strengths, accomplishments and career goals.

“As a resume writer, I need to know how much time clients can give me in terms of answering questions and request corrections, so we can meet the timeline for the project.”

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