How To Ensure Your Future Is Greater Than Your Past

Whether we have a past we are legitimately proud of, or one that we would rather forget, we all want to believe in a brighter tomorrow. That tomorrow can start today. Regardless of whether our past is riddled with mistakes, or full of successes, it’s best to start by cutting that past loose. In the end, what got us this far should not be presumed to have anything to do with what will take us to the next chapter, which is always being freshly written. Just as our futures are not written,in stone, neither are we. Who we are is fluid and capable of adaptation to circumstance. We vary who we are with every interaction, even those interactions we have with different aspects of our own selves. Finding the quiet place inside us through prayer and meditation is a good way to start afresh. Another good way is by realistically assessing where we are this minute. We need to believe in our own greatness and the potential greatness of our futures. But, we must also prepare for it, clean the harbor and have everything ready for when that ship inevitably comes in.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1To move past what was and get to what can be it is important to let go of past failures and successes.
  • 2Surround yourself with people that remind you of where you are going and not where you have been.
  • 3Learn from your past, but accept that what you know from then need not be what you will need for tomorrow.

“Then decide where you’ll go and what you’ll become. That’s far more fascinating and interesting. And your future absolutely should be something entirely different from what’s happened in the past. Human beings can expand and evolve to the degree that detach from their past.”

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