How To Build An Employee Referral Program That Works

Companies look for prospective employees in a variety of ways, such as technology, recruiters, advertising at colleges, or posting listings online or in newspapers. Yet, in recent years, a great number of companies are utilizing employee referral programs to find their staff. When using this technique, be certain your hiring managers are prepared, create thorough job descriptions, always keep your workers up to date on issues, reward those who use the referral program, and keep a constant relationship with your marketing team.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1One key component of a good employee referral program is an outline of very specific job requirements.
  • 2Find a way, not necessarily monetary, that rewards employees that bring in great new hires.
  • 3With social media spotlighting every business and personal action, it’s vital to get employees involved in positive job postings, where marketing deems such actions as valuable.

“The success of your employee referral program is going to rest on whether your hiring managers really know what’s happening in the now and in the future too. Communication is vital and adequately educating your hiring managers may seem daunting, but it’s importance can’t be overstated.”

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