How To Be More Creative In Your Career

When creativity is added to your work agenda, it will get you noticed, but even more, it will help you feel good from the inside out. You’ll thrive in your position as result and will enjoy even more growth opportunities than before. But, how can you enhance the creativity that you showcase each day when you’re on the job? There’s so many easy ways to enhance your workplace creativity and you shouldn’t wait to use them!

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1To become more creative and also develop confidence in your creativity, develop your own unique problem-solving model.
  • 2Find out what others consider to be “best practice” approaches and use them as starting points for your own approach.
  • 3Make sure to bounce ideas off of others to get more input and become even more inspired.

“One of my personal ground rules for problem solving is “There are no rules.” I brainstorm the options and then evaluate all the details. I believe companies put a lot of constraints on themselves because they brainstorm options and evaluate them at the same time.”

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