How to Answer the 6 Most Common Job-Interview Questions

Some job interview questions are common enough to be worth planning ahead for. Perhaps the best example is the ubiquitous request to “tell me about yourself,” which is usually a request for a professional summary and not your biography. Questions about your interest in the job can lead to problems if you focus too much on things that make you sound like you’re not “really” interested in the main work you’ll be doing. Questions about why you are leaving your current job can also generate red flags if you aren’t careful.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1The “tell me a bit about yourself” question is a classic for application assessors and applicants should expect it.
  • 2Unfortunately, the question is not an invitation to waffle on about your hobbies or your predilection for various favorite activities and sports.
  • 3Interviewees should consider the question an invitation to give their professional overview in broad strokes, keeping out the personal and the nit-picky.

“Here are six interview questions that are so common you’d be foolish not to prepare for them.”

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