How to accomplish more in 30 days than most people do in 365

We see burnout all too often in our everyday lives and it usually stems from us trying to please too many people and complete way too many tasks. This leads us to feel unmotivated and actually procrastinate more while feeling less fulfilled when we actually do complete a task. How do we prevent this? That’s easy. We must stop trying to get approval from the wrong people. You need to work on tasks that accomplish your goals so that the tasks become fun instead of something you have to do. When the work is fun, you are more motivated and can accomplish more in less time.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Trying to please everyone will not work and you will become miserable yourself
  • 2If you can’t take the time to focus on what you want, you won’t achieve happiness
  • 3Take the time to to calm yourself and then clearly write out your goals

“You need to get excited about making progress, growing, learning, and changing your life and circumstances.”

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