How the Truly Successful Make Time for Constant Learning

The trick to accomplishing pretty much any large-sized task is breaking it up into more manageable chunks. Can’t exercise for a whole 2 hours a day? Well, odds are you can do 10 minute intervals peppered throughout your day. Want to finish a big book, or a large written project, although daunted by the size? Try thinking of it in terms of a few pages read here and there, a few paragraphs written here and there and before you know it you’ve done a whole lot. This ‘break it up’ method works for several reasons. It makes it easier to find time, naturally. It makes it easier to avoid procrastination. Plus, data shows that overtaxing the brain with big intervals of work, especially the same type of work is ultimately counterproductive. The brain needs time to process what it has taken in. Learn to spread out your learning and doing in small chunks throughout the day. If education is the goal you can use podcasts and audio books to accompany your housework, for example. Pick a topic to cover in depth for a period of months and cover it in an array of ways, podcasts, books, etc. Keep things light, nimble and varied and your brain will absorb without being overwhelmed and taxed unduly.

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