How much happiness at work do your employees sacrifice? – The People HR Blog

Happy workers make better workers may sound axiomatic and obvious, but
it’s nonetheless true. Having workers that look upon their job as little more
than a necessary evil does not benefit the worker or the company.

Slowly, companies are seeing the importance of job satisfaction and
even happiness at work. Given that most of us spend spend about a third of our lives at it it seemd reasonable that it should feed us in more than just a financial way. Realizing this, companies invest in teambuilding and developing communication, as well as other ways to build up worker morale.

One worker, lucky enough to feel that his work has given him happiness, suggests
a super simple query. How much happier are you, he asks, on the days you work, taken against the days you do not work. If you actually look forward to those days then you are lucky and not among the unlucky workers, who are routinely sacrificing happiness for work.

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