How Many Hats Are You Trying to Wear?

Everyone has multiple duties to perform. One of the writer’s co-workers had almost a dozen different jobs to perform, and the author tells the story that when he was a naval officer, and had thirteen different collateral duties to perform, in addition to his regular duty. Everyone has many things to do, and it is suggested that we all take stock of all our duties. Include all the different “hats” we wear, or things we are expected to do, at different times, including work, church, school activities for kids, and any others, and perhaps consider reducing some of them, or not taking on new responsibilities so we can concentrate on the existing ones.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1All of us wear many hats in our daily lives.
  • 2Take stock of your hats by categorizing your daily responsibilities.
  • 3Assess how the multiple hats worn by the entire family are affecting them.

“You might need to say no to that new hat, or even reduce the number you are already trying to balance.”

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