High Performing Organizations Focus On a Results Based Approach

Organizations seeking to improve performance may choose between adopting a wants-based, needs-based, or results-based approach to the situation. In a wants-based response, HR provides whatever leadership or other stakeholders ask HR to provide, usually with a minimum of questioning. In a needs-based situation, HR provides resources that are deemed necessities based on immediate internal or external requirements. In a results-based approach, stakeholders collaboratively assess a solution based on specific, real-world business goals. A results-based approach is more likely than the others to allow organizations to discover and implement real solutions to the issues hey face.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1A wants based approach involves management asking for a specific solution irregardless of whether it is deemed suitable or best by anyone else.
  • 2A needs approach is slightly more flexible as it is designed to bring a solution to a need.
  • 3However, a results based solution brings in everyone’s thoughts and looks at the problem in a 360 degree, long-term manner, perhaps devising a solution that would not normally be considered.

“The second solution would be a situation where we know there’s an issue and we provide the training or solution to only those who “need” it. A challenge could be whether the solution is the right solution or is it simply a much-needed Band-Aid.”

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