Here’s Why Time Off Work Actually IMPROVES Your Work and Life

Maybe it’s our pioneer forebears, or a cultural imperative that gets under the skin, but most of us experience massive guilt at the thought of not working voluntarily. And yet, science can assure us that our brains require this sort of downtown. It’s only by stopping what one blogger calls execution mode that we get a chance to peruse what we have learned, to reflect and cull data and see if what we are doing is worth continuing. Rest is not only a physical imperative, it allows us to let inspiration enter in, which is not possible when one is solely focused on output. And, perhaps most surprisingly, when we step away from work for a long enough time period we start to miss it and need it, which makes starting the process over again not a chore but an adventure renewed.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Constant work promotes tunnel vision, while getting away from work allows for an expansive vision, so you can see where you are and review your life.
  • 2Time away from work allows for inspiration to enter into your life and plant the seeds of creativity.
  • 3In order to return to work with renewed passion, you need to step away from it and let all the things you love about it woo you back after you’ve had a chance to regroup.

“It’s one of the biggest clichés in the book. But how often do we really prevent things? Instead, we put our head down and, “deal with it later.””

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