Here’s how elite performers silence negative self-talk

One of the most important life lessons that many people never learn is to not assume that their own thoughts are always true. Our own thoughts and “self-talk” often try to keep us in the past, because the subconscious craves sameness and predictability. Embracing this tendency, though, can be very self-limiting. Learn to embrace ambiguity in order to unlock your creative problem-solving abilities, and go on the offense whenever you can. Always make sure you focus more on how good you want to be in the future more than on how good you are or were.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Data suggests that up to 95% of the thoughts that cross your mind today are the same as those you had yesterday.
  • 2In accepting the challenge to pursue a gial, we also accept the uncertainty that goes along with it.
  • 3Uncertainty propells our subconscious to unleash negative scenarios and thoughts, which we must deal with to succeed.

“Just because a thought enters your mind doesn’t make it true. Yet, we tend to believe our own thoughts because they are inside of us. Many, if not most, of the thoughts that you have should quickly be discarded.”

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