Four Things Procrastinators Need to Learn

Procrastination is a very difficult habit to break, because it is a self-perpetuating loop. The procrastinator stays inside the loop, because she keeps deluding herself, allowing herself to fall prey to mental fallacies, that are ways of thinking that are not only untrue, but unhelpful. One is that knowledge and confidence have to be in place before starting. In truth, it is often after a task has already gotten underway that confidence at last begins to build. Another, is that like some mythical beast, every task is going to sprout another, until the mess is absolutely untenable. However, the truth is all tasks have sub-tasks. As long as one starts one of them, it will lead inevitably to the next. It doesn’t have to be scary. In fact not doing will ultimately prove more dangerous then doing something, finishing something. Instead of refining and tweaking ad infinitum, let yourself get something done, one actual small thing, even if it’s a the merest tentacle of a beast project. Feel good about it and know you can do the next tentacle tomorrow.

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