Four Simple Words to Help You Live Well

In order to live well we must do four simple things, Move, Nourish, Refresh, and Connect. Moving is always better than sedentary, and eating real food, instead of the process over-sugared packaged food will make a big difference. Refresh through sleep, meditation, and focusing on your well being. Connecting to family and friends to improve your well being is vital. Small tasks done through out the day can relieve stress and refresh your spirit as well, and a good piece of chocolate falls into a few categories, such as nourish and refresh.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1All data points to the innate truth of the truisms that movement trumps being sedentary and whole foods are superior to packaged ones.
  • 2Four words specifically address the compendium of human needs; move, nourish, refresh, connect.
  • 3One way to both move and become mindful regarding your workday is to break up your larger tasks into small one minute accomplishments.

“During nearly 20 years writing about health, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of top medical experts about how to live well. What I’ve learned from all of them can be summed up in four simple words.”

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