Find Time to Focus on Accuracy – Friday Distraction

Accuracy matters with a lot of tasks just as much as making deadlines, and some tasks need a lot more attention, time and focus than others in order to do them well. This can mean that sometimes multitasking is a bad idea, and that procrastination can create problems even if the overall deadline is met. You should set aside time to really focus intently on unusually complex or demanding tasks so that we don’t cross the line between being busy and being overwhelmed, with our attention pulled in too many directions.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1One way to do more at a time is to suss out the time periods when activity and noise are at a lull.
  • 2It’s wise too to separate those tasks that require greater focus from those that are more automatic.
  • 3For a truly complicated task it may be best to shut yourself behind a locked door for a selected hour or two.

“I realize that we often have to multi-task. That being said, not all work should bemulti-tasked. There are some activities that should be completed on their own. Sometimes that’s because the task is complex.”

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