Fake It ‘til You Make It – 5 Reasons Why Confidence is Key

Oftentimes, before you can get to that aspirational you, your best you that want and dream of becoming, you first have to convince yourself that you can. That’s called confidence, not arrogance, which can be overweening and is often used inappropriately to step on other people, not to place you where you need to get. But, what if you don’t actually feel that confident? Maybe, your riddled with uncertainty, even afraid of some things, like failure, or even success. It’s okay. Put on a brave front and make that first move. This is what’s known as faking it until you make it. And it actually works and it actually accomplishes the same thing as real confidence, because it gets you over the hump of starting and in time you will get the bona fide real item. Confidence is an important ingredient to all forms of success, as it makes communicating easier and faith in yourself easier, and it even ultimately inspires the faith of others.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1To find your confidence and then your ultimate success, the key is to not let your all too human fear and worry keep from trying at all.
  • 2When you achieve confidence your communication style is smoother and what you have to say carries more weight with your listeners.
  • 3Keep feeding yourself messages that you can do it, because fake it till you make it can even work with yourself.

“Many successful people got to where they are through being confident. Whether they are naturally confident or had to fake it doesn’t really matter, the outcome is still the same.”

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