Employees Need To Figure Out Their Workstyle

We think about things that we want with our lives in our own personal time, but what do we want in our work life? Do we want to feel comfortable? A good idea might be to start journal writing to determine when you felt your most productive, in what job, who you were working with, and your other colleagues and boss. Think about the opposite of that and what the differences were. Maybe you could make changes to the current job situation, or possibly change jobs.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1To make the most of our individual lifestyles, we each must focus on what possessions matter most and what ways are best to spend our time.
  • 2This same microscope should be applied to our workstyle, as most of us spend roughly a third of our lives working.
  • 3As workers, we should attempt to assess when and why we feel the most and the least productive.

“Understanding how we want to work will help us be excited about work and allow us to produce our best results.”

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