Employees Are Your Business Differentiator – Friday Distraction

Many businesses do not appreciate their customers and do the least amount of work possible for them. Having a business is only beneficial if everyone is on the same page. Customer appreciation is key. For example, hotels are notorious for being very lousy or exceptionally great. One hotel may offer free bottles of water as a complimentary gift. It is up to the employee to make sure it was offered. That is what makes a good business strive even more and keeps customers coming back to enjoy the service that is being provided.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Often times, similar businesses will have fairly similar kinds of services and comparable features, which means that employees are what really set customer experiences apart.
  • 2Friendly and attentive employees can turn a nondescript customer experience into a memorable one.
  • 3Many businesses will prioritize cutting small costs — like bottles of water — over maximizing the customer’s sense of receiving personal attention.

“This isn’t to say that the company’s products and services aren’t important. Good customer service doesn’t replace a terrible product or service.”

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