Employee Engagement Isn’t a One and Done Activity

Engaging your employees makes them happier and more productive. As beneficial as it is to you and your employees, it can’t be viewed as something you take care of once, but has to be ongoing. Engagement involves knowing that an employee or even the company can have its bad days, but the employee is still productive and positive. This is also helpful if your company also has a few bad days. Engaged employees are positive and produce positive results.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Places that utilize ways of engaging their workforce report an almost 25 percent bump in productivity.
  • 2Research suggests more than half of these engaged workers feel empowered to become more innovative with their ideas.
  • 3They are also far less likely to leave and seek employment elsewhere,

“Employee engagement isn’t just something that companies are responsible for. Employees should want engagement for the same reasons that companies do. Because if an employee is engaged then they’re happy, productive, and creative.”

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