Employee Check-Ins: 6 Essential Components for Success

Getting in new hires is critical to a business. However, it’s pretty much all for nothing if the hire doesn’t last. Engaging your new hire for the purpose of retention is what it’s all about. To that end, check-ins are imperative. Check-ins can be done face-to-face, but they don’t have to be. Online strategies work also. In fact check-ins can be automated. This saves money and time. But, not for a soulless cause, to simply get the onboarding out of the way. No. In fact, by automating the easy part, where the employee gets asked essentially, “how’s it going?” time can be saved for the important conversations, should an employee have a real beef to report. Make sure the questions get to the heart of what’s relevant. Don’t lead the questions one way or another. Keep things brief and focused and to the point. Also make sure questionnaires are convenient and user-friendly. And, most of all get those questionnaires out soon. If there are problems, a timely response ensures that there is time to nip concerns in the bud.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1New hire check-ins can be scheduled ahead of time now but be sure to respond to any feedback.
  • 2Check-ins, especially those with surveys, that are scheduled can help companies react in a timely way
  • 3Let employees know their feedback remains confidential and can be completely in an efficient manner.

“This activity can take place in-person or online. The goal with a new hire check-in is to make sure that employees are in a position to focus on their work, which ultimately fosters employee engagement and retention.”

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