Don’t Tell Employees Why the Company Culture is Great

One of the challenges of the hiring process is determining if a prospective employee is a good fit into their company culture, and then to immerse the employee in that culture when they start. Some organizations are addressing this challenge by starting what’s being called cultural immersion programs. These are programs where the new employee gets a crash course in the cultural values of that company. Some companies have created very innovative culture immersion programs with one notable example being Cirrus Logic. Read on for more details on how Cirrus Logic created a very fun and effective culture camp and advice on the best ways to create a successful company cultural program.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Company culture is a key feature for any company on boarding new employees.
  • 2In the School of Cirrus Rocks, participants take pictures that inspires them and are used to create a story to create a song about working at Cirrus.
  • 3 It takes commitment, listening, reinforcement, recognition, communication, and teamwork to bring it all together.

“It’s not about other companies duplicating their program. It’s about making sure that employees understand your company culture so much that they can tell you about it (rather than being told).”

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