Company Culture: More Than Words on a Page

Company culture is something that cannot fully be captured in a written document. Most corporate culture documents sound similar and talk about similar values, but if the company culture as it exists in real life does not reflect the values in the document, then the document is meaningless. Many companies talk about respect and honesty, but don’t practice them, even though respect is the top priority value for most employees. This is often one reason why employees of organizations that get merged with or acquired by bigger organizations often fear that their own organization’s culture will be subsumed by the other organization and its culture.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1The culture of a company should be local and authentic and not passed down.
  • 2Respecting your culture by sharing it willingly with others is vital.
  • 3Remember the power of words and use them wisely internally and externally.

“Personally, I am passionate about culture and my passion is transparent and heartfelt. I share it freely with employees in order to help shepherd culture from the ground up and foster an understanding that behavior influences individual success and company success.”

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