Companies Should Include Feedback Training in Onboarding

Proper onboarding is the most important task when new hires start and while traditional topics such as benefits and company policies still need to be covered in orientation, the topics should be expanded to include how to provide feedback to other employees and manager. Providing avenues and training for giving for positive and negative feedback can help your team feel empowered to make change and hold one another accountable and praised for jobs well done. 

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1New hire onboarding generally incorporates topics like work benefits and company culture.
  • 2However, Sharlyn Lauby, Human Rescoures professional and consultant feels that companies should also incorporate feedback training into their onboarding regimen.
  • 3Lauby cites timeliness, accountability and specificity as three crucial elements of feedback, negative, or positive, that can be taught to onboarding hirees.

“The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) cited an Aberdeen Group study that found 86 percent of respondents felt a new hire’s decision to stay with the company is made within the first six months of employment.”

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