Change Management: 5 Situations When You May Need It

Truly effective change management can result in a company gaining as much as 143 percent of expected returns, but change management is a difficult process that often fails due to low employee engagement, little accountability and lackluster collaboration. Change management can be especially important for seemingly minor changes to policy or work practices that often irritate employees if not accompanied by good change management. It’s also very useful when something has gone wrong and needs to be fixed, or when a business is falling behind.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Data suggests about two thirds of change management efforts instituted by companies fail.
  • 2For change to be effective employees need to be engaged and not frustrated or poorly led.
  • 3Process maps that show the path steps needed to go from the current state to the desired one can help a lot.

“So, when organizations manage change well, they see a positive change to the bottom-line.”

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