Can you survey employee engagement?

Although employer engagement may be a bit of a current buzz-word, it may still require clarification. Employee engagement speaks to the drive and motivation that a worker feels and demonstrates in order to align his or herself with the goals of the company. Engagement speaks to worker focus and attention. He, or she is actively listening to the message and taking steps. What it does not i deal with is worker satisfaction or happiness.

It is an important metric however, one that many HR pros are anxious to show data on. But, before one can speak to employee engagement one
has to agree not just on what it is, but how to measure it.

Surveys are a way to potentially measure such engagement. But, again, doing so relies on clarifying exactly what you are after. You want to understand how motivated a worker feels to make the company’s goals their own goals. If you think you can devise language that asks that then your survey has a chance of successfully measuring worker engagement.

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