Call Me! The Lost Art of Picking Up The Phone.

Like penmanship and eight track tapes, talking on the phone appears at times to be in jeopardy, likewise in danger of going the way of the once ubiquitous phone booth. Generally, we’ve all gotten used to a convenience food style of communicating, via an array of instant messaging and texting services. It’s true in our personal lives. And it’s become equally true in our professional lives. However, although as HR professionals, we can get away with fast food communicating a lot of the time, there are nonetheless times when nothing less than an old-fashioned phone call will do. For example, it’s not at all classy to fire someone with an emoticon, or alert a potential hire that you went with someone else with a sticker. If you want to surprise someone, offer a sincere apology, or condolences, impress someone, or just offer above average customer service, pick up a phone. Also, when dealing with someone with old technology, or poor literacy skills, go old school. And, if the answer is likely to involve more than 2 texts or deal with legal issues, grab a phone.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Regularly using an actual phone to speak to someone, whether in our personal or in our professional lives, is becoming as unusual as actually finding a bank,of phone booths.
  • 2Professionally, however, there are times when nothing less than a real phone call should suffice.
  • 3If it is necessary to fire someone, or tell a potential hire they have been passed over, it is absolutely the right thing to go old school and call.

“The most efficient (and at times effective) ways to communicate now involve 280 characters and emojis.”

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