Automation Is Not a Replacement for Interaction – Friday Distraction

Automation is no longer science fiction. Odds are it’s coming to an office near you and from there to your very own workplace watering hole. It’s important when automation puts in an appearance that your office is prepared. Decide before implementing automated technology what the purpose truly is. Heads will butt and agendas collide if one person believes the automation is to free up time for employee mentoring, while another sees the new technology as a data gathering device. Everyone should be on the same page, knowing what the automation is for, it’s goal, limitations, parameters and what should be done with the freed up time.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Utilized as it should be, automation should allow for more high quality employee-manager conversations, not make interactions unnecessary.
  • 2For automation to succeed every department must be on board as to what the exact purpose of having the technology is and the reason must be communicated to all.
  • 3Agendas will collide and clash if some see the technology as a means to gather data, while others see it as a way to garner more time.

“There are many reasons to bring automation technology into the workplace. To save money, to free up manager time, etc. If organizations want their implementation to be successful, then everyone needs to be on the same page about why the new technology is being implemented.”

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