8 Ways to Get Over Job Burnout (Without Quitting)

What are the eight ways of beating job burnout? Here’s a short list of suggestions: First try Meditation–it has been around for centuries. Second Go for a change of scenery over a weekend. Third attempt minimizing any to-do lists that are overfilled. Fourth try finding outside projects that are different from work. Fifth attempt to put tech-devices on time out after a certain time of night, and sixth, if you cannot take a short vacation, try reestablishing new work relationships if you find the people closest to you are too toxic. Seventh become more selfish because it may be that they’re taking advantage of you. Eight, make sure that what tasks you’re doing actually match your job description unless you’re looking to advance, otherwise, say no. Those are the eight possibilities that’ll help avoid burnout.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Worker burnout can be triggered by the actual workload itself, but also by a toxic work environment, or by the work not actually gelling with your values.
  • 2Signs that burnout is incipient, or already present, include a decrease in productivity, a feeling of detachment, or cynicism, and naturally fatigue.
  • 3Ways to combat burnout include becoming more selfish about your time and needs, developing new bonds at work and becoming clear about the parameters of your job.

“In other words, if you’re spending your days only responding to the requests of others and constantly saying ‘yes,’ even though you’re swamped, burnout if inevitable.”

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