7 Warning Signs Your Potential Employer Has a Toxic Culture

You know the adage “listen to your body?” It does not only refer to going to the doctor. Your new career path should not only mean good money but good emotional health. Have you ever gone to an interview with a random group of managers that speaks negatively about their own work environment? With an interviewer that felt he was the only important part of the puzzle? Don’t let a company pressure you to make a decision. Evaluate their values and your own.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1)Save your sanity and don’t ignore the danger signals in the interview process.
  • 2)Ask what the company’s problems are and what their causes might be.
  • 3)Take note if the interviewer is late or makes you feel pressured.

“If your future boss keeps talking about how great he or she is during the interview, it might be a sign of self-absorption.”

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