5 Ways to Reinvent the Traditional Job Interview

Today’s workplace is getting more versatile, employers need to keep up with these changes. This is important in the workplace but also when conducting job interviews. Providing better assessments of candidates, opportunities to perform small jobs, video interviews, casual interviews and even using virtual reality can ensure that the right candidates are hired. Companies should make these techniques available during the interview process to show candidates that they are a versatile place to work as well.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Online assessments are a great way to interview candidates for a job.
  • 2There are new interview tools available that change the ways companies hire.
  • 3One interesting job interview technique is to have a video interview with someone.

“As the business world changes, so do our processes. At least they should! And that’s a good thing. Technology is supporting us in ways we could never imagine. This doesn’t mean we have to turn everything upside down.”

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