5 Steps To Escape The “I’ll Start Tomorrow” Trap

Small steps consistently are better than a few big leaps now and then. A few big leaps will move you forward but your success will probably be piecemeal and will be harder to work up the motivation for it. Consistency, on the other hand, builds up a habit of momentum and creates motivation and clarity. Add to the consistency, regular reporting on progress and evaluating goals will boost you farther than any irregular leaps would have.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1It’s always tempting to wait for a nice big lot of time to begin a new project.
  • 2But, the truth is doing anything for five minutes a day beats doing the same thing for an hour every few weeks.
  • 3Having just today to fit an activity in forces one to decide how much it matters to one and to find that five minutes somewhere.

“If you do something daily, your chances of mastering it are very high.”

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