5 Signs a New Employee Won’t Make It in Your Company

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of the hiring process to a business. As a matter of fact, research suggests that the hiring process alone can cost a business up to one and a half times the annual salary of the hire. New hires generally show that they are going to adapt to their new environment within the first ninety days of their hire. So, it becomes imperative to watch them during that interim, go over mistakes with the intent of nipping them quickly. And, lastly, dig out the firing hatchet, should such prove necessary. It’s important to realize that new hires are usually not inexperienced. It’s not about a skill-set, more often than not. Rather, it’s about the new hire’s mannerisms being antithetical to a pleasant working environment. The way the new hire approaches other workers and their new job has everything to do with their ultimate staying power. If others aren’t feeling comfortable around the hire and show an unwillingness to work with her than trouble is very much afoot. Basically, there are some significant personality tells that should lead new hire watchers to raise a red flag of warning. For example, show ponies that act like they can do it all are no one’s cup of tea. Ditto for those who think they are too important to talk to peons. High maintenance types that want everyone to work around their schedule and conditions are apt to stink up the work place culture, big time. People that are always gabbing about slaying their next dragon as they move on up are boorish and not likely to make friends. Ditto for those that do just enough, suggesting they can do the job, just don’t expect them to have to actually work hard to do it. Weeding out these lethal hire weeds will make room for the pretty flower workers when they appear.

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