5 Must Have Tools For Working From Home

Working from home, or remote working, is a hot trend that seems to have achieved some legs. What will keep it going of course is productivity. Workers doing their job remotely need, even more than their office-bound brethren, to prove that being at home in no way lessens their ability to be collaborative, productive, managed, tracked and communicated with. Thanks to the miracles of the digital age, their are many tools for these home-workers to make all that happen. Even more than those employees under office scrutiny, homeworkers need to prove that going home to work is not going to cause them to slack off, even though a dip in productivity initially is the norm. Slack is a great tool that can help remote workers communicate with their co-workers, even sync up with remote devices. Asana is another great tool that makes it easy for managers to delegate tasks and for team members to know where everyone stands on a project. Time zone issues can be tracked too and dealt with by the tool, EveryTimeZone. Dropbox, which is integrated with Microsoft and Slack has great file storage. The iDoneThis tool collates the day’s accomplishments for team perusal the following day.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1“Slack” is a tool, providing instant messaging that is user-friendly and a huge asset for those coordinating with team members from a remote location.
  • 2Besides its easy interface, Slack has the added ability to sync up with many other remote tools and send files.
  • 3Keeping track of an array of workers in different time zones is challenging and made much easier with a tool like, EveryTimeZone.

“Employees that are exploring how to work from home typically desire greater freedoms and may have personal commitments that require a modern, flexible working day.”

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