The 5 daily rituals that will make you happy

Happiness is a goal that everyone desires but few obtain. Studies have shown that only 17% of people lead truly meaningful, fulfilling and happy lives. The reason revolves around both what we do and what we don’t do. Developing the right daily rituals, habits and minimizing stress can make a big difference. There are 5 daily rituals in this article that can dramatically increase the quality of your life. Read on to find out what they are.

Reflect on these key points:

  • Focus on building relationships.
  • Schedule a little bit of fun every 90 minutes or so. Nothing productive allowed.You can actually get more done sometimes by being a bit of a slacker. Vacations make you more productive.
  • Without better rituals, after two months of 60 hours a week you’ll actually accomplish less than if you’d only been working 40 hours a week.

“All work and no play gives Jack a clinical anxiety disorder in under 48 hours.”

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