4 Ways to Manage a Heavy Workload and Still Stay Sane

Work-life balance is a complex thing that often reflects a spectrum of different mental and emotional states. When working at a new startup, for example, you may work 12-15 hour days and then still be unable to stop thinking about the company even when you’re not actually at work. Making sure that this doesn’t result in anxiety overwhelming you can require everything from schedule readjustments to putting business on hold so you can exercise, eat properly or spend quality time with loved ones.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Though balance has traditionally meant a certain amount of hours dedicated to home-life, mirroring a similar number spent at work, real life isn’t usually so neat.
  • 2Start-ups, for example, can require an insane amount of dedicated time, equalling 15 hours or more in a day.
  • 3It’s more realistic to take numbers out of the definition of what constitutes balance and skew it instead towards a positive, or at least cautiously hopeful, mindset.

“It’s a rare day when my list actually gets accomplished, but knowing what did and didn’t get done means I can prioritize my tomorrow and prepare some contingency plans, if necessary.”

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