3 Ways to Tie Individual Goals to Business Goals

Businesses are much more successful when individual employee goals work to serve and help meet larger corporate goals. When an employee is able to see how their tasks help complete the big picture they are much more productive and fulfilled. It is important for managers to emphasize an individual employees purpose within the organization and help guide goal setting to fit into this paradigm. Regular feedback is critical to maintaining this strategy and aligning goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important for employees to connect their personal goals with the goals of the organization, and this sense of meaning keeps them engaged.
  • It is important for employers to get feedback from employees about which goals they want to achieve, and a collaborative approach can make employees more engaged.
  • It is important to have open communication and feedback so that everyone knows whether or not organizational and individual goals are being achieved.

“For organizations to remain agile and meet their strategic objectives, their entire workforce must be able to understand the impact their work has on the business as a whole.”

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