20 surprising habits that could be harming your health

Just as small gains can eventually create a big influx of positive, small, daily ‘should-not-dos’ can undermine your health and create an eventual toll. Sometimes these acts can seem downright innocuous, but they are important, because they can whittle away at your health. Skipping meals, for example, can seem like an easy way to flex your willpower. But, small regular meals will help your body keep a balanced blood sugar level, ultimately promoting less obesity. Nail-biting may quell your nerves. However, it opens the floodgates for infection-causing bacteria to get in. Other things you should do. Change your sheets, to avoid bedbugs. Prep some nutritious meals, to avoid eating fast and over-processed food. Make a point of getting up from a sitting position when you can, as often as you can. Also don’t curtail your sleep, if you don’t have to. Don’t eat at your desk. Don’t buy food that’s fat free, without making sure it isn’t making up for it with a truckload of sugar. Being mindful of these small things will only up your health quota.

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