13 things that will happen when you ‘level-up’ as a person

Pleasure, like a drug, or a hormone high, is satiating, at least temporarily, but it does not create a sustained level of gratification. For that, one requires the sort of certainty that has been bred by work and success, one needs real confidence. However, even confidence can be rocked to its core. For a real confidence shaking one need only mount to the next level, past whatever comfortable plateau they have achieved, be it in knowledge, or skill. Choosing to go for that next level, or leveling up, as one blogger calls it, ensures that for a while everything that was smooth in your life is disrupted as you attempt to accommodate yourself to this new level. You can expect to feel lonely, temporarily disconnected, chaotic, even unmotivated to the point of numbness. The trick is to commit to this new stage and what you need to learn to make it your new norm. Once you do, you will figure it out and then you will be walking that confident stride again.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1To move past a plateau you have achieved can require an intense and emotional purging,
  • 2It’s not unusual to experience a precipitous drop in your usual level of confidence.
  • 3For a time, you may question your direction, feel very alone and even numb and uninspired.

“If you’ve been successful in the past, and for some reason feel derailed, don’t take that as a sign you’re on the wrong path.”

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