13 things that will happen when you ‘level-up’ as a person

Human growth and the attainment of various skill-sets can be rather like mountain-climbing, in so far as we reach various plateaus and then have to decide if this is a comfortable place to stay, or if we would rather go higher. If we decide to go higher then it is inevitable, as it would be when mountain-climbing, that we will get woozy, disoriented and feel more than a bit precarious for a bit, before achieving that level place again. However, “leveling up” as some call the process of moving up to a higher skill-set level, is not mountain climbing. Once we have learned to do something and do it well, we do not expect to lose our footing by going up to another level. So, it surprises us when the ground seems to open up and we feel rudderless. It seems grossly unfair. How come all that skill, that first-level learning is not holding us up as we go higher? Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast. When we level up, it can feel as if we have to relearn everything. Naturally, that is not true. Eventually, the new knowledge and the old knowledge will come together and we will have arrived at a new plateau. However, during the leveling up process it is not unusual to feel an array of negative emotions. You are likely to feel under-confident, lonely, overwhelmed, chaotic, even numb, insecure and uninspired. It will pass.

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