10 Ways to Be a Better Team Player

To collaborate better in your work, you need to be a better team player. First, you need to be a good communicator to share information, but be sure to show empathy. Be sure to balance positive and negative, as you don’t want someone to lose their zest for a project. Being aware of work flow, or how things get done is helpful, as is being organized and setting priorities. Be willing to work outside of your normal team to build your abilities, and meet deadlines and promises. Be aware of how others perceive your influence, and use it wisely, being sure to demonstrate respect even when in a disagreement.

Reflect on these key points:

  • 1Communication is an essential factor in teamwork success, all the way from the initial presentation of an idea through final feedback notes.
  • 2A good team player knows that things are neither black nor white, and strives to keep a balance between positive and negative.
  • 3If you really want to develop your team player skill set, you should challenge yourself to work outside your department.

“We all must have the ability to work with others. And it takes effort to do that.”

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