10 Tips for Leadership When You’re Not the Boss

One does not necessarily need a fancy position or title in order to be a leader. One way to be a leader is to make sure that you get your ideas across in an unambiguous and firm manner. Another way to be a leader is to learn how to be accommodating and flexible with various viewpoints and procedures. One should also take care to advocate for oneself in a confident but polite manner (not in a rude or mean way, but not in a passive or wimpy way).

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective leaders are transparent in communication. They say what they mean, and leave ambiguity behind. Their directness leave their intent clear and easy to understand.
  • A good leader is flexible, and listens to other people’s ideas. They are open to new and creative approaches to problems.
  • A effective leader stands up for themselves. They are firm without being rude, but stand their ground. They are not pushed around by the whims of lazy or manipulative employees.

“Leaders don’t grumble behind closed doors when things don’t go their way.”

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