Celebrate Your Successes Through Micro Victories

Small activities can lead to big change, but people seldom congratulate themselves on smaller accomplishments, or “micro-victories” as they’ve been called. On both personal and team levels, it’s important to celebrate small successes along the pathway toward major goals. On an organizational level, companies often pursue “big, hairy, audacious goals” that could take years to achieve. Along the way, they should provide regular status reports to employees and celebrate micro-victories. It’s equally important to keep people abreast of any adjustments to the big plan, lest employees perceive changes as signs of failure. Ultimately, celebrating small successes is a great motivator en route to accomplishing larger goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Small achievements along the path to larger victories are important. Recognizing the small goals’ importance, celebrating them, can improve success at larger tasks.
  • On an individual level, we can privately celebrate the steps we take towards a final goal. Recognizing our success at the small things will give us a great mindset to achieve larger victories.
  • Recognizing team achievements is great for improving morale. Even the small victories being acknowledged and praised can motivate and inspire our teams to do better at larger tasks with positivity.

“When we set goals for ourselves, we need to think about celebrating our success.”

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