Biggest Dental Tech Trends in 2019

With each passing year, technology used in medical settings is advancing leaps and bounds, and more recently the dental industry has started to take advantage of it.

Nova Computer Solutions, an IT support company specializes in dental technology, compiled a list of the biggest anticipated technology trends of 2019 in the recent blog “What Are The Biggest Dental Technology Trends of 2019.”

“In 2019 and beyond, dental technology is expected to make treatment more comfortable and affordable,” reads the blog. “With the frenetic pace at which digital capabilities are evolving, these technologies will likely become even more highly-developed, allowing dental practices to carry out their work seamlessly.”

3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing is the fastest growing technological developments in the dental industry. Nova writes that dental labs are now using it to keep tasks–like denture bases and surgical guides–in house rather than outsourcing them.

Another advantage the blog mentions is that it can now be done more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

“When dentists no longer have to delegate the creation of oral apparatus to a third party, they can make these products and devices more readily available to patients, often at a lower cost,” reads the blog. “Industry leaders predict that the next big breakthrough in 3D printing in the oral healthcare arena will be the advent of permanent crowns.”

Cloud-Based Software

With so many applications now connected to the cloud, NOVA is not surprised that the platform has enhanced the capabilities of dental technology too.

Because the cloud allows both clinicians and patients to access information from any location in real time, this integrated system is transforming the healthcare and dental industries.

Dentists are now using these systems to maintain patient records and share information with practitioners in multiple locations, and clinicians and staff can access data they need — administrative, clinical and financial — within the same system.

“The cloud also makes it possible to access data on a more significant number and variety of devices,” the blog reads. “What used to only be available on a small amount of desktop computers can now be retrieved via laptop, smartphone and tablet as well. Tech developers have responded to this trend by improving communication channels– such as text and chat– and data security.”

Digital Impressions

NOVA writes that the days when patients bit down on putty to get impressions of their teeth are almost gone.

Images once taken with a foot petal are now captured with scanners that absorb large amounts of data in seconds, reads the blog.

“Current software allows for higher-quality renderings than those created through more traditional means,” the blog reads. “Information can be gathered much more quickly and conveniently– both for the patient and the practitioner. Today’s methods for taking impressions can also identify weaknesses in the process so that missing data can be supplied seamlessly, improving the accuracy of images captured and the speed at which this task can be accomplished.”

Digitizing of Tools and Treatments

NOVA believes that in the not-so-distant future, dental tools and procedures will become highly-digitized, allowing for less invasive treatments via laser technology. The painless treatments would eliminate the need for anesthesia and would shorten recovery times. They would also be much more beneficial for patients with special needs or those who have a fear of needles.

With the aforementioned technologies, NOVA predicts that dental practices could boost their bottom lines while improving service delivery by doing more with less.

“The benefits of these technologies will, in turn, make patients more likely to see the dentist on a regular basis, improving oral health among the general population and providing additional resources for clinicians to continue to customize and optimize their services,” the blog reads.

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Katie Devereaux is a writer and editor, who graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. She has written for several publications in Florida, Alaska and Illinois.
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Katie Devereaux is a writer and editor, who graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. She has written for several publications in Florida, Alaska and Illinois.