Proven Retention Strategies to Help Reduce Employee Turnover

Every element of your organization is responsible for turnover and retention — not just HR. Employee turnover is a product of the employee experience overall, starting with the candidate’s experience and new employee onboarding. Onboarding is of critical importance to employee retention, and you need to have a well-designed onboarding program that offers employees opportunities for feedback. 


How Employee Appreciation Can Make a Difference

Your employees deserve to feel appreciated every day of the week. As a leader, you know that each team member performs vital tasks integral to the success of the business. When workers feel valued, morale is high and they work harder. One way to make your employees feel appreciated is by listening to them. Focus on what they are saying, without distractions, and ask questions to validate what they have said. A simple thank you goes a long way, so don’t forget to say it for mundane tasks, as well as for larger successes. And remember to offer regular recognition in the form of an occasional bonus or giving credit where credit is due at meetings.

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The value of a happy team

It is important to never discount the incredible value of having teammates around you that support and encourage you. For instance, take into account Katelyn Ohashi. She is a fantastic gymnast. In one of her recent performances, she made a perfect score of ten. The best part about this, is that her teammates in the background were clearly very supportive and proud of her. Furthermore, they go as far as to cheer her along throughout her performance. If you have this type of a team around you, the sky is the limit!

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Employee Perks: Should Companies Offer Free Food [POLL]

Employee meals may not be exciting for everyone, but they are good perks for some employees, especially for those who can’t run out for food, work in places where meals might be expensive, earn minimum wage, or have no proper place to heat up or refrigerate a meal. Places offering meals also run into dealing with complaint such as the nutrition in the meals, how the meals are prepared, and the cleanliness of the place the meal is prepared and served.

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How to Beat Weak Hiring Managers When You Interview

When you are headed for an interview, keep in mind that the person doing the interviewing may think that the interview went well if you let them do the majority of the talking and nod and encourage the discussion. On the flip side, if you are the interviewer, you should aim to lower your talking to 20% of the time since you are otherwise limiting the amount of information that you get from the candidate. As the interviewee you can also use the +1 strategy which is to listen to opinions shared by the interviewer and share personal experiences to validate their feelings.

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