3 Ways to Prioritize Compliance in Your Modern Dental Practice

Maintaining compliance is becoming more and more critical as private practices continue to grow and diversify, and there are three key ideas to implement. First, one should designate particular employees or associates to deal with different areas of compliance, such as HIPAA or labor laws. Second, one should use the latest digital resources and software, such as AutoSDS and DDS Rescue, to better assist compliance officers. Third, one should pay attention to an often neglected but still important area of patient compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a variety of compliance software programs that can assist your compliance officer.
  • No matter how much software and other compliance tools may cost, they can prevent the dental practice from being liable for noncompliance.
  • Be sure that the patient really understand the treatment they are about to receive and can therefore give their consent.

“In a smaller practice, for OSHA and HIPAA, the same person can be assigned to the compliance role.”

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Overcoming Overwhelm In The Dental Office – Take Your Dental Practice To the Next Level with Dental Practice Solutions! – Hygienetown

Dental professionals often feel overwhelmed with all they have to do. More patients, more insurance claims and more calculus to scale can seem stressful, but it also means more work and more money. Remind yourself that more is good. To maintain positive thoughts, spend a few minutes each day listing three things for which you are grateful. They can even be silly things. Every 90 days, make a list of your recent accomplishments. Also, do volunteer work. This seems counter-intuitive if you’re busy, but it reminds you of how good you have it compared to some other people. A positive attitude goes a long way to overcoming overwhelm.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focusing on being more efficient, and doing more with what time we have, is useful in overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • The emails, calls, voicemails, the full schedule means that we are employed and have a productive job. Take some time to be grateful for our job we have!
  • Acknowledgement of small gains over time is important. One trick is think about how we were three months ago, and focus on how much better we are now.

“Each day take just three to five minutes and write three things that you are grateful for.”

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5 Ideas for Marketing Your Dental Practice Like a Pro

There are five tactics one can use in order to better market their dental practice. First, one should focus on building a brand as opposed to simply establishing a practice. Second, one should focus on creating a group of loyal fans (as opposed to mere clients). Third, one should emphasize quality over amount, especially with regards to service. Fourth, one should become acquainted with technology, but not to the point of tech obsession. Fifth, one should communicate one’s ideas as opposed to simply selling them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instead of looking for clients or patients, build a fan-following for your brand.
  • Dentistry is a skilled service, so build a reputation of having a high quality practice.
  • Communicate with your patients about their needs instead of trying to sell them your services.

“One of the most important things that dental practice owners forget is that, not everyone is interested in using your service initially.”

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Human Resources – Is it Really Human? Really?

automating repetitive tasks is a smart way to go, but automating a job meant for humans doesn’t seem like the best idea. Human resource employees and managers need to be better at what they do instead of endlessly chasing the thing that is supposed to fix the problems. Humans are capable of taking on the human challenges of being human in human resources. Robots are a long way from taking on human jobs, and people don’t want to spend their entire day chasing robots around.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is a bright, shiny distraction from the more fundamental issues within HR, to include learning how to manage real people more effectively.
  • There are already many tools available to save HR managers’ time, but they don’t solve problems with management and employee engagement.
  • So far, AI has come with outlandish promises but a rather small and mixed body of proof as to whether it can keep them.

“Just as we get the humans back into Human Resources, we’re spending time and treasure to figure out how to make those humans artificial.”

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There Is More To a Job Than the Work

Where you live is just as important as the job you work. If you have a great job but live in a miserable city, will you really be happy? Note, however, that it is up to you to define what makes a location good or bad. The same is true for your job. Different people have different needs and wants. Organizations need to remember that there’s a connection between work and life. This can be relevant when asking an employee to relocate or work remotely. Organizations also may want to showcase the city where the employee will live.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reflection is required to achieve your ultimate goal of happiness
  • Create concrete and action required steps to define what sets your heart’s pace
  • There are deeper linked connections between type of work you’re doing and daily chores you have to complete

“You have to define what makes a city wonderful or terrible.”

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