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Are you treating the WHOLE body?

An attendee at the recent American Academy of Oral Systemic Health convention shares some pearls learned at the conference. Oral health is important but is also an indicator of whole body health. Findings at a dental exam can be used to treat and prevent diseases including heart attack and stroke. She shares the video of her carotid artery ultrasound exam that she had done at the conference. This exam recognizes stroke risk and heart disease and is an important diagnostic tool.

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How Women Can Punch Up Their Careers And Go For That Promotion

Often, women in the workforce feel constrained, unable to advance their careers due to misconceptions by themselves or their employers. There are however, ways to get out of the rut you might find yourself stuck in while going further in your career. Whether you are ready to leave your job for greener pastures or advance yourself at your current place of work, these five tips will help you get excited to go to work again.

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What’s the Best Approach to Negotiating Your Salary?

Negotiating a salary during the interview process can be tricky. You usually want to make more than your current salary and will likely be asked what you currently make. You might want to do your research before you interview, find out what the typical salaries are at the place you are interviewing. You can reveal your current salary but use it as a number that you expect the new job to be competitive with, offering you more.

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Is Your Recruiting Radar Operating?

You have a solid staff, and your business is trucking along. You’re focused on your work and feeling great.

One morning, you arrive at the office and receive a notice that one of your employees is leaving. Suddenly you have to put on the breaks and switch gears, as you are now finding yourself in one of the most difficult situations an employer faces: hiring a new employee.

Let me reassure you, this does not need to be a stop everything, gripping, challenging moment for your business. The secret to navigating smoothly though this transition is to always have your recruiting radar operating even when you’re fully staffed.

I’ll bet you receive resumes often from job seekers emailed through LinkedIn, your office Facebook page or even to your office’s general email address. Job seekers may even walk in your office, extend an introduction in person and drop off their resume. Do you take a moment to step out to meet them? Do you reply to the emails? What do you do with these resumes? If you’re not hiring, do you delete them? Do you place them in a folder only to be lost in the big black hole and forgotten about? After all, your team’s doing great. There’s no need to spend time meeting the walk in or looking at submitted resumes.

Since 2002 we have been personally servicing clients in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, where our corporate office is located. I can’t tell you how many times we have sent a temp or candidate for hire into an office, and the office had their resume on file. We know top talent is out there and you have their resume at your fingertips!

Here are three things you should be doing to ensure recruiting radar is always operating and why:

1. Meet the person who walked in your office. You may learn they live around the corner and are willing to come in to temp if you have staff call out sick or temp during the hiring process. Have them back for an interview and maintain the relationship. If they meet your requirements, they will be a lifesaver when you are in a time of need.

2. Review the resumes you receive. Call them and pre-screen over the phone. If you like what you hear, bring them in for an interview. When you build relationships, you will find that you’ll have a pool of candidates to bring in during times of need. And if they are not available, they will know someone who is. Remember top talent generally refers top talent.

3. Don’t settle. You have certain expectations when hiring. Don’t bring an employee on board you have reservations about just because work is piling up or you are pressured by the team. Don’t feel you need to hurry and fill the job within the two weeks’ notice. This is a short-term fix that could have lasting negative impact to your team. When you are constantly recruiting, you will have resources that will make the process smoother, give you a piece of mind and hire in an efficient and timely manner.

Even if your team is solid, keep your radar up for top talent. When you find yourself in need of a new employee, you’ll have a pool to network with and hire from. Pull out your recruiting radar and keep it operating.

Organizations Must View Employee Engagement As a Long Term Business Activity

Companies that provide employee engagement as an ongoing activity do better against their competitors. It is common however, that companies start employee engagement programs but don’t invest in keeping them active. Once you establish a because line of company performance and engagement procedures, you can begin providing a more dynamic work environment that will make you more profitable. You need to be realistic in your goals and understand that it is an ongoing process that takes time, the tips found here can help you get started.

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