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Why Everyone Needs a Good Mentor

When Roger W. Ferguson Jr. was a senior economics major in college, he struggled because he was also drawn to studying law. Luckily, he found a great mentor in professor Elisabeth Allison. Thanks to her advice and support, he was able to pursue both of his interests to combine the two and begin a successful career path. He believes that young people should seek the guidance of a good mentor or often, multiple mentors when needed. A good mentor can help you create and define your success for the future to lead to a career you will love.

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Five Small Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

There are many great ways to honor your employees for going the extra mile. Besides a thank you and job well done, there are other tips presented to help show appreciation for your employees. These can include monetary rewards like end of year bonuses, gift cards, or company stock. Other non-monetary reward ideas include catered lunches, extra vacation or personal time, or a personalized gift. Investing in an employees future and education also shows appreciation and confidence in your employee.

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3 Ways Technology Can Encourage Diversity In The Workplace

Diversity in the workplace is important because having team members with different outlooks, culture and abilities enhance and improve an overall business. With the many technologies that are readily available and affordable, businesses are able to adapt and encourage diversity. Connectivity allows remote workers to collaborate and work together, even from around the world. The internet has created access to training to boost knowledge worker’s capabilities and expand learning for future employees. Finally the flexibility that improves accessibility for those differently-abled and allows for accommodation in new and different ways. 

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The path to 5.5 million smiles: How one small idea created a national movement

Give Kids a Smile is a charity organization founded by Dr. Jeff Dalin. Dalin is an average man, passionate about a number of many things, including his family. He fell in love with dentistry as a boy in his father’s practice. After completing his undergraduate from Emory University, he received his DDS from Indiana University School of Dentistry. He became involved in the Greater St. Louis Dental Society where the topic of giving back first was raised. He first volunteered his time at a back-to-school program that later evolved into Give Kids a Smile. It since has been adopted by the American Dental Association and is the crowning achievement of Dr. Dalin.

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Separation anxiety: 5 tips for balancing work life and personal life

There is an art to the work-life balance, this can sometimes be difficult and the author suggests five ways to cope with this problem. One way is to make sure to allow time to deal with your own or family health situation. Another is to plan ahead for scheduling conflicts between your work and personal life. Also suggested is to have a strong support system, meditate in some way, and communicate with co-workers.

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