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Why You Can’t Just “Wing” The Job Search

“Why You Can’t Just “Wing” The Job Search” is a LinkedIn article about searching for jobs. It focuses on the community that is looking for a long term and serious job and points out reasons it is so important to pay attention to the jobs you apply for as well as accept. Each will have an impact on the worker in a future time if they try to better themselves within the job the obtain or if they try to move on to new, bigger, and better things.

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How to Handle Politics in the Workplace

Because I’ve only been alive for the last 30 years, I have never experienced a time in which politics was as prevalent as it is now. It seems as if every other conversation or Facebook post or news story is about something going on in United States politics. After experiencing the most historic election in recent history, the country is ablaze with both praise and venom for the current administration. I don’t know about you, but I make it a point to stay as far away from conversations about politics as possible, but I realize that’s really hard to do so right now. 

According to “Office Etiquette: Keep Politics Out” from the Wall Street Journal,” there are appropriate forums to talk about politics, but the workplace is a tricky place to do it well. Article writer Ruth Mantell interviewed Frank Dada , a principal at Winter, Wyman, a Waltham, Mass.-based staffing firm, who said not only are office hours for working, you also never know who’s listening,  “One person said something, and his comment was deemed offensive by someone who was not involved, but was in earshot,” Dada was quoted in the article. “Any time you offend a co-worker, that’s a negative and the consequences can be bad. You never know who you might offend unintentionally, and people have such different viewpoints and very passionate viewpoints about politics.” 

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Career paths: Expecting the unexpected

Career goals made in school might not be your reality. Take Ivy, she expected to work at a low key practice, after leaving busy jobs that asked her to do unethical standard of care, she got her teaching degree and teaches as well as practices dentistry. Eric had always planned on a busy practice but his employers recommended a disability insurance that did not cover his bills adequately when he was diagnosed with a chronic career-ending condition. He also became a teaching professor. You always need a plan B just incase of unexpected circumstances.

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5 HR Tech Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

When it comes to staying on the cutting edge of small business technology, one place that you want to make sure your company doesn’t lag is the HR department. HR tech can be the grease that keeps the wheels of industry turning in your organization, helping you and your team move forward with the times. Its efficiency is what keeps your current workers happy and productive and your future colleagues easier to find. Continue reading