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To Tell or Not To Tell… What would you do?

I consulted with a job seeker over the phone recently. The question she asked was one I have heard many times before. For privacy, I’ll call her Audrey. Audrey will be moving out of state in 12 months, but she is currently interviewing with several dental offices for a full time job where she’s living now. Her question to me is this: Should she tell her potential employer she will be moving, or keep it to herself?

I listened to Audrey, and put myself in her shoes. As she shared, I could hear her talking herself in to thinking its okay to protect herself. I could hear her struggle, with bitterness to her tone. Audrey was placing herself first and disregarding what she knew deep down was the right thing to do. After all, our life experiences influence our decisions. In the past Audrey was shocked when she found herself unemployed. Discharged from a job where she received glowing performance reviews. But when revenue fell off, a business decision was made and the last hired was the first to go. Audrey found herself without a job. In her eyes, employees are replaceable, dispensable. There are no guarantees, and the last hired are generally the first to be let go. Audrey is in survival mode. In her mind, she is doing unto her employer as her employer might do unto her. Put yourself in her Audrey’s shoes, and you’ll understand that she needs a paycheck. Continue reading

Get a Grip and Get Organized

There is nothing worse than reviewing a resume and having a fabulous phone pre-screening interview only to learn during the face to face interview that the candidate is not able to back up what you thought to be true. Often times, job candidates will say they have all their certifications, licenses, CEU’s and letters of recommendation, but these documents are in a box somewhere, and they can’t find the box. Something else we hear a lot is that their computer crashed and they can’t retrieve any of their files.

Here at Dental Temps, we’ve heard it all! But the bottom line is this: if you don’t have at your fingertips documentation to support your resume, get a grip and begin now to secure all the documents and get them in one, easily accessible place. If you are someone who is just beginning your career, I’m so happy you are reading this blog. I want to be the first to help you proactively take steps to establish a system that keeps track of all your professional documents and inspires you to continue using and updating the system throughout your career. Believe me when I say that if you show up for the interview and present a folder with all your supporting documents, you will stand out above other candidates.

Here’s a list of documents to help you get started: Continue reading

7 Warning Signs Your Potential Employer Has a Toxic Culture

You know the adage “listen to your body?” It does not only refer to going to the doctor. Your new career path should not only mean good money but good emotional health. Have you ever gone to an interview with a random group of managers that speaks negatively about their own work environment? With an interviewer that felt he was the only important part of the puzzle? Don’t let a company pressure you to make a decision. Evaluate their values and your own. Continue reading

Performance Management Might Change But It’s Not Going Away

One of the biggest struggle businesses have is making sure their workers are doing a good job. This is where performance reviews come in. The performance review hasn’t changed for decades, and change is long overdue. The system just hasn’t been working, and these reviews are necessary but just need to change and get more up to date.

Performance Management Might Change But It’s Not Going Away