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Sometimes You Need a Break….And That’s Okay

I happens to everyone, you plan on things and the stresses of your job and personal life just get in the way of doing anything for yourself. Instead of being too busy to do things or letting things go, it’s best to remember life is short. It’s ok to change your priorities and put pressing matters on the back burner. It’s ok to just take a break, live your life enjoy it a bit. Life is too short to be so busy that you are not able to enjoy it.

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10 Ways Jerks, Whiners and Bullies Ruin a Business

There are many different personalities in any work environment, but some of them hurt the dynamic of the work space rather than strengthen it. If a coworker is egotistical, negative, defensive, spineless, or quick to deflect blame to others, they are putting more stress on their work relationships. They can also cause problems if they are incompetent, over-reactive, or a bully. All of these personalities can make a job harder and take the focus off of doing a good job.

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Top Trending Posts of 2016

Each year we look back in time to see what you, our followers, liked and shared with your friends across your social media platforms. No surprises here: the good, the cute, and the ugly rose to the top in 2016. A year full of wonderful animal posts, dental professional advice, and the fraud and errors that took place in the dental industry.

The top three of 2016 were:

We care…. About our eyes and protecting our patients.

We know, as a dental professional, organization is the key to success.

We love our animals…. Wesley, the smiling dog with braces warmed our hearts and made us smile.

Mental Illness in the Workplace: Dentists and Depression – Part 5 of 5

Editor’s note: This is part five of a five-part series addressing mental illness in the workplace. Part one explores mental illness in the United States, part two explains ways in which mental illness affects work, part three explains when and how to tell a manager about a mental illness, part four addresses how managers should best proceed with an employee who has a mental illness, and part five makes the connection between the dental industry and depression.

Would it shock you to know that year after year dentist ranks among the occupations with the highest suicide rates? It sure shocked me. According to Mental Health’s blog post Top 11 Professions with Highest Suicide Rates, dentist comes in at No. 2 right before police officer at No.3 and right after medical doctor at No. 1.

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