Monthly Archives: October 2016

Impress boss by winning new customers

Meeting with new customers is an aspect of many jobs, and it can be nerve-wrecking. Knowing facts about your customer and going into the situation prepared can make this easier. Be respectful of your customer’s time by arriving on time and dressing appropriately. Show your potential customer that you are listening to them by taking notes and always be honest and forthcoming about your intentions. After you give your customer the information they need to take the next step, leave them your business card as a parting memento.

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Make Sure Your Employees Have Good Things to Say About You Behind Your Back

Employees talk about their bosses. It’s natural in every work environment. There are steps that employers can take the can ensure that the talk is more positive than negative. It is essential that employers experience positive talk from their employees so that they can be an effective leader. Being spontaneous, getting out more, and identifying voids are all steps that bosses can take to ensure a positive relationship with employees.

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